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Introducing 40 Acts of Kindness Around the World

This year marks a momentous milestone: CHI’s 40th anniversary! In honor of this occasion, we are excited to announce an inspiring initiative: 40 Acts of Kindness Around the World.

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Academy for Women Entrepreneurs

Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Marie Royce recently launched the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs, a new program supporting women entrepreneurs around the world. This initiative will provide women with business resources and skills while giving them

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Advocating for Exchange

Rachel Levine (Intrax), Linda Mori (CHI), Kaitlin Sinclair (Intrax), Legislative Assistant Sarah Jackson (House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Washington, DC office), Dana Welch (CCUSA) and Emmanuel Diaz-Obregon (Intrax). Several California based Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) sponsor organizations, certified by the Department of State, recently participated in

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The Spirit of Giving

In previous years it has been a CHI tradition to have a gift exchange between employees during the holiday season.  We decided this year, in the spirit of helping others in much need, to adopt a family for the holidays

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CHI Ambassadors: Impacting the Future of Cultural Diplomacy

CHI Ambassadors: Impacting the Future of Cultural Diplomacy Fourteen distinguished winners from Cultural Homestay International’s (CHI’s) Summer Work & Travel program, representing ten different countries, were chosen to participate in CHI’s Cultural Ambassador Award (CAA) conference, in Washington, DC.  The

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International Education Week – November 14-18

November 14-18 is International Education Week (IEW). This week we will celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange.  Joined by the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education we promote the benefits of international exchange and education

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2016 Academic Year Program Conference

CHI Academic Year Program (AYP) office and field staff recently converged on Las Vegas, NV for the AYP annual training conference. From February 21st – 26th 48 participants from around the U.S. participated in workshops, seminars and team building activities. Some

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CHI Participants Celebrate the Holidays

The holidays are an exciting time of year and we make sure our CHI participants have every opportunity to join in the fun.  We arrange get-togethers and encourage them to spend time with friends and (host) families.  We want them

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