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CHI Host Mom Visits Exchange Student in Slovakia

Seven years after hosting Martin, an Academic Year Program student from Slovakia, CHI host mom Rochelle reconnected with him by taking a trip to visit him and his family.  Rochelle wanted to document her experience, so she started writing the wonderful letter

Host Family Testimonial

Host mom Sary-Jo with Stefano from Italy Our family began hosting students from all over the world when our oldest daughter, now 29, was in the 6th grade. For us, it was a way to bring the world to our

Successful Male Au Pair!

There’s a stereotype that continues to persist when it comes to men and childcare. But contrary to this common belief, men have made, and continue to make, terrific Au Pairs. Recently, a young man from Brazil was matched with a

China – Wave of the Future!

A CHI team recently toured 5 cities in China, orienting Work and Travel students and talking with several new partners about Internship and Hospitality.  What an experience that was!  China is an amazing place, with modern, forward thinking and well

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