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Tag: Participant Spotlight

Participant Spotlight: Alex

CHI Internship participant Alex shares his experience in the U.S. “Hi, my name is Alex. I’m from Ukraine. I’ve graduated from the university in June 2009 and have a master degree in international economy. After graduating from the university I

Participant Spotlight: Matt Ma

Below is a letter from Internship participant Matt Ma.  Greetings,  My name is Matt Ma, from China. I started my internship in a waste & recycling company located in Denver Colorado in August 2009.It was a great honor being selected

Participant Spotlight: Jiaoling Xu

Below is a letter from Work and Travel participant Jiaoling Xu (Joyce)  to her employer Scot from Supervalu.  Joyce is from Sichuan, China.  She spent her time in the US working at Albertsons in Jackson, WY. Hello Scot , This is Joyce,

Participant Spotlight: Wang Shengyang & Jing Jin Song

  Work and Travel participants Wang Shengyang from Xuedong and Jing Jin Song from Sichuan China arrived at Motel 6 in Flagstaff, AZ on May 28th.  During their visit they had a chance to experience some great American pastimes such as, a visit

Participant Spotlight: Yami Tsai

Work and Travel participant Yami Tsai from Taiwan recently finished her summer position at Harris Teeter in Kill Devil Hills, N.C.  In addition to enjoying her job, Yami really took advantage of exploring the US while she was here.

Participant Spotlight: Dominika

Two years ago Dominika Kristinikova was a participant in CHI’s Academic Year Program in Washington.  When the school year ended Dominika returned home to Bratislava, Slovakia.  Dominika enjoyed her stay in the US so much, however, that when it was time to choose a college, she

Participant Spotlight: Juan

CHI recently caught up with Colombian Work and Travel alumnus Juan Pablo.  Juan participated in the CHI Work and Travel program in the Winter of 2007 before returning home to his native Bucaramanga, Colombia.  He took what he learned in

CHI Students Attend Camp Casey!

Taking students to Camp Casey has become a wonderful tradition for CHI.  Back in 1977, CHI Director Jackie Sant-Myerhoff took the first group of CHI students to this beautiful camp located on Whidbey Island, in Puget Sound near Seattle.  She

National Volunteer Week: April 19th – 25th!

Volunteering is a long and honored tradition in the United States.  Every year millions of Americans donate their time and energy to help out their communities.  National Volunteer Week was created with the spirit of these people in mind.  Since

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