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Educational Programs

Exploring Boston Through CHI’s STEP Program

Selina had the amazing opportunity to spend a month living and volunteering in Boston through CHI’s STEP program.  She loved it! “Whenever I sit inside the oldest subway in the US ever”, Selina recalls, “I can’t help but imagine what

Educational Programs

Making Connections Through Cultural Exchange

Stepping off a plane in a new country can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.  When Xavier Tao, from China, took his first steps on U.S. soil, he was welcomed by the smiling face of his host father, Guillaume.  This immediately

CHI Life

Differences Between China and America

CHI Short Term Enrichment Program participant Rose is currently volunteering at a local TV station, the Portsmouth Public Media. Rose took the time to create three short videos describing the differences between life in China and life in America. Take

Educational Programs

Spreading Holiday Cheer Through Volunteering

It’s important to give back during the holidays.  High school exchange students in Washington State experienced the true meaning of the season when they volunteered at The Forgotten Children’s Fund.  This great organization is located in Seattle and the surrounding areas of

Educational Programs

Chinese Exchange Student Reflects on Camp Experience

Haojing Gao, from China, shares what life was like for her to volunteer at a summer camp as part of CHI’s Short Term Enrichment Program. I spent a whole month in America and I learned a lot. I worked at a Boys

Educational Programs

My American Experience – Living Like a Local

Short Term Enrichment Program participant Mengyi Lyu shares her experience living and volunteering in the U.S. this summer.  This is her American experience. It was a precious experience for me to participate in the international volunteer program in the United

CHI Life

Coming Together for Cultural Exchange

CHI celebrated the power of international exchange by joining fellow exchange organization Intrax at their J Day 2018 event recently.  Before joining CHI’s own J Day activity, CHI staff members and CHI Exchange Visitor Program participants worked together with Intrax

Educational Programs

Exchange Students Volunteer in San Diego

CHI is proud to coordinate volunteer opportunities for Short Term Enrichment Program (STEP) participants at the prestigious Maritime Museum of San Diego and the USS Midway Museum.  Our exceptional volunteers help out in a variety of ways.  Last summer, CHI STEP

Travel Abroad

Volunteer and Explore the World!

Volunteering is an affordable way for people to see the world and make a difference. CHI’s World Explorers program offers meaningful volunteer opportunities in various countries around the world where volunteers become part of a local community and give back

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