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Story with a Smile

Story with a Smile: Beach Mart Goes Above and Beyond

For many years CHI’s Work and Travel program has been in partnership with host employer Beach Mart. Besides being a great employer to many participants for years, this souvenir store chain, located in North Carolina, has been supportive of many CHI initiatives such as Cultural Ambassador Award and Exchange Day. They have been true advocates of cultural exchange.

Story with a Smile

Story with a Smile: True hospitality by Motel 6

Today our story is about Motel 6, our long-term host employer in the US for Work and Travel participants. During a time when the hotel industry is going through tough times, Motel 6 locations in California were able to provide free housing for participants as well as options to continue working.

Work Experience Programs

CAA | Hope is Hope

At the beginning of the year, CHI announced its fourth annual Cultural Ambassador Award Forum, planned for August 2020. A lot has changed since our announcement and despite our hopes and aspirations. As of right now, the future of this project remains uncertain for many reasons related to the COVID-19 situation in the world.

Story with a Smile

CHI’s Story with a Smile: Myrtle Beach Heroes

Across the country, CHI Work and Travel team members wake up every day, grab a cup of coffee and dive into their email inboxes from their homes in search for updates on ongoing processes, providing responses and assistance to those who need support.

Story with a Smile

Special Delivery for Work and Travel Participants

Minneapolis Work and Travel participants recently got a special delivery from local coordinator Twila Singh. Twila collected – and personally delivered – a carful of food and supplies to local program participants.

Work Experience Programs

Work travel Participant Returns home with new Hopes and Goals

Georgina Musolino spent the winter experiencing what it’s like to live and work in Boston, Massachusetts. As a participant in CHI’s Work and Travel program, she was able to get real-world job skills while discovering life in the U.S.


Painting Project in Jamaica

For CHI’s 40 Acts of Kindness Around the World, our Summer Work and Travel partner embarked on a painting project in Kingston, Jamaica.

Work Experience Programs

My Amazing Journey to China

Travel makes you stronger, more tolerant of others, and a much more resilient person in general. It turns out that getting to China would take time and patience, more than I ever needed before.

Travel Abroad

12 things I learned about Jamaica

Michelle Riaz recently traveled to Jamaica to meet prospective Work and Travel participants. While there she learned about Jamaica and experienced new things. Here are 12 things she learned while in Jamaica.

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