Teach English in Japan

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“I am really thankful to Cultural Homestay International. Every day I wake up here, I feel like all of this is just a dream, but it is not. My first week in Japan is just something unbelievable. My host family is so nice to me, the children who I teach are so sweet, and the food OMG! So delicious, among other things. Thank you, thank you, and thank you so much!”

Andres Jojoa Ortega – World Explorer in Kagoshima, Japan, 2019



As a World Explorer, you can go to over 25 countries and stay with a host family for one, two or three months. The World Explorers program allows everyone, even budget travelers, to experience the excitement of living abroad. We can even help you design a unique Gap Year experience by combining multiple programs in different destinations for up to 12 months of travel.

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