The Two parts of My American Life

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Written by Shuyi Liu (Anastasia)
Short Term Enrichment Program participant from China

The Two parts of My American Life 1
Saundra, Don and Anastasia

I spent one month of my summer as a volunteer in the United States. My American life has two parts. One is staying with my host family, and the other one is volunteering at the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire.

I lived with Saundra, Don and a dog named Mac. It was very kind of Saundra and Don to cook delicious American style food for me. Both of them are retired, but they are busy doing many interesting things like swimming, weeding, walking Mac and so on. I think that is the art of life. I hope that when I get older, I can also be a busy woman, do something I am interested in. Mac is 12 years old. He is a lovely, quiet boy. I have never seen a dog as quiet as him. He has another name, Mr. Hungry. That is because he’s always hungry and wants something to eat.

When I was not at work, Saundra and Don liked to take me around NH. We went to the Cog Railway in Mountain Washington. It was amazing to get to the top of the mountain by train. We once went to the seaside and took the Gundalow Boat. I felt that I escaped the summer by Gundalow Boat. They also took me to some shopping malls so that I could buy something I like. I also tried cooking Chinese dinner for Saundra and Don.

The most important thing about this trip is being an international volunteer. I volunteered at the Children’s Museum. The first three weeks I was stationed in the public area. I was responsible for sorting out the things that the children had moved around. The last week, I asked to do something different, as I was familiar with the public area. Doug let me help out with summer camp groups. This camp had 11 children. I played with them and helped them to finish their artwork. Doug also wrote me a letter of recommendation.

I’m glad to decide to be an international volunteer at the Children’s Museum of NH. And I was so lucky to live with Saundra, Don and Mac. Overall, it was a worthwhile trip!

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