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This Program Has Changed My Life! | CHI Camp Leaders

Written by José Herrera Concha from Mexico
CHI Camp Leaders participant

This Program Has Changed My Life! | CHI Camp Leaders 1

“I’ve been doing the cultural exchange program through Camp Leaders to be a camp counselor for the past two summers and don’t have enough words to describe how much this program has changed my life. Two years ago I was looking for a regular summer job with absolutely no idea on how much it would impact me. The first day I got to my summer camp, “Camp Carolina,” I found myself surrounded by people from all around the world. As the time passed I got to know almost everything about each of them and their cultures, and what I found fascinating was the way they brought the culture into camp and how I was able to do the same. We built a multicultural community living and working in harmony, learning about everyone’s cultural methods and approaches and I became a version of myself that I never thought I could be. 

Through this experience, my biggest win was being part of a beautiful family. I am very proud that, with this multicultural family we built, we gave the best experience to all the boys at camp. One very touching fact about this program is that it is one of the only ways that you get to be with different people from different cultures living, working and developing together, rather than against each other. Through this program, I got to do things that I never expected to happen: having real close friends/family from around the world, living with them in an environment under the idea of simplicity of life, the best memories ever, and all the games/activities I never considered before that I was able to do, and being recognized for it. After being just days after I left camp, I already miss it so much and I can’t wait to be back – This is the best decision I’ve ever made.”

This Program Has Changed My Life! | CHI Camp Leaders 2
This Program Has Changed My Life! | CHI Camp Leaders 3

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