#Throwback to CAA Forums

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Written by Kamilla Silina, Work and Travel

#Throwback to CAA Forums 1

In 2020 CHI is proud to host the fourth annual CAA Forum. More than 50 Cultural Ambassadors have had a chance to visit Washington D.C. representing their countries from all around the world.

Let’s look back and see what happened during the last three years.

CAA started as an initiative in 2017 to support our outstanding participants and it was only offered to active Summer Work and Travel participants. As a result, we gathered a great diverse group in Washington D.C. eager to learn more about US history and to connect with each other. It was such a success we knew it needed to grow in the following years.

#Throwback to CAA Forums 2

In 2018 we decided to extend the competition to not only current participants, but also those who work and live close to them. Co-workers, community members and other Americans who interact with cultural exchange friends on a daily basis were welcomed to submit videos describing how exchange programs impacted their lives. As a result, Chance Stafford, an Extreme Pizza worker from Myrtle Beach became our first Cultural Ambassador representing the US. 

#Throwback to CAA Forums 3

In 2019 we took CAA to the next level. This year it was open to more program participants – Internship, Au Pair and CHI Camp Leaders participants were more than welcome to represent their country in our round table discussion in D.C. We had exceptional future leaders from Jordan, Russia, South Africa, USA and many other countries.

#Throwback to CAA Forums 4

CAA Forum 2020 is approaching and there’s more in store for not only current participants but also our alumni. For more information visit chinet.org/caa.

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