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Trainee Sees the Benefits of Community Service

CHI Trainee participant Alejandra Torres is making the most of her time in the United States.  Alejandra, from Bogota, Colombia, started her program with CHI in November 2015 after studying International Business Administration.  She joined the program because she was looking for an international experience that would help to boost her career.  The international focus was very important to her.  She knew she wanted to “go abroad and get a glance of the world”.

Alejandra has really embraced this experience.  She loves connecting with other people and making friends.  She feels that every person she meets enriches her life and changes her perspective.  Back in Colombia Alejandra spent a lot of time working with development projects aimed to help and support vulnerable communities.  When she came to the U.S. she knew that she wanted to continue to find ways to help out.  In her short time here, Alejandra has spent a lot of her time volunteering.  Helping those in need, spending time in animal shelters and even volunteering at a theater.

In her own words: “Every single shift I learn new things and meet new people while giving something back to society. I know it sounds cliche, but volunteering is receiving more than giving. Every time I do it, I just receive good energy, a nice feeling that keeps me happy and positive about life. I 100% recommend to every trainee and intern to get involve in community service. It’s a great opportunity to experience a new country, culture and language. It just complements your experience – no matter your field of expertise or studies. CHI has given me the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective, to let go prejudices and just spread positive actions all around.”
Alejandra makes a wonderful addition to the CHI Trainee program and we feel extremely lucky to have her!
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Trainee Sees the Benefits of Community Service 2

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