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Japanese Exchange Students Visit Santa Maria, CA

The Santa Maria Times in California recently shared an article about CHI Group Homestay Program students that visited their local high school, Pioneer Valley High School.

The article titled,  Japanese exchange students get a taste of Santa Maria, share experiences at Pioneer Valley High School, talks about the bonds that were created between the CHI exchange students and American high school students.

Each Japanese student was paired up with an American “buddy” and they spent time together talking about food, culture and education.  They attended classes together and created great friendships.

Please take a moment to read this wonderful article!

Japanese Exchange Students Visit California

Group Homestay Program

CHI Group Homestay students, hailing from countries throughout Asia and Europe, come here to learn about life in the United States, practice their English skills, and share their cultures with their host families.

Daily programs run by our Teacher Coordinators focus on culturally enriching, fun-filled activities and English conversation classes. In the evenings and on weekends, local host families teach their students about their unique American family lives, introducing them to their friends, extended families and communities. It all comes together as a life enhancing experience for everyone involved.

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