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Volunteer and Explore the World!

Volunteering is an affordable way for people to see the world and make a difference. CHI’s World Explorers program offers meaningful volunteer opportunities in various countries around the world where volunteers become part of a local community and give back to those in need. Whether working with people, animals or nature, the efforts put in by volunteers efforts will be forever remembered.
Volunteer and Explore the World!
Miles Gorman in Chile
Miles Gorman, from Florida, recently participated in a World Explorers Volunteer Abroad program in Santiago, Chile. Miles was placed at a volunteer project at an orphanage.The institution Casa Nacional del Niño was the first organization in Chile to take in and care for orphaned children about 50 years before the country’s independence. The vulnerable children in the home are between 0 and 5 years of age and are survivors of abuse or neglect. Miles worked as part of a team to create positive intervention and diagnoses with the aim to help each child restore his or her dignity, and provide therapy and support to family members so that family reintegration can occur. The institution offers the children careful and close attention in order to help to restore their health and development. Casa Nacional houses a daily average of 80 boys and girls. Miles was able to develop caring relationships with these children through daily interaction. His Spanish skills improved a great deal during his time volunteering in Chile. He took the chance to visit other cities in Chile in his free time.
Volunteer and Explore the World!
Volunteer with elephants in India
In addition to Chile, CHI’s World Explorers program offers volunteer opportunities in India, Israel and Morocco. Projects range from working with elephants in Jaipur to working with people with disabilities in Tel Aviv to teaching English at a middle school in Rabat. Volunteers can opt to live with a local host family or in a shared apartment with other volunteers in both India and Morocco. In Israel, accommodations are provided through a local hostel. Excursions and additional activities can also be arranged for volunteers in every destination. Local coordinators work on site to ensure the volunteers have an in-country support system.
Volunteer and Explore the World!
Teach English in Morocco

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