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Thank You Volunteer Host Families

This week we celebrate National Volunteer Week.  A time to get out there, help your community and try and make a difference.  Every day we are thankful for our amazing volunteer host families who open their homes to exchange students from around the world.

Are you interested in becoming a CHI host family?

Volunteer Host Families


Become a volunteer host family and learn firsthand about another culture right in your own home. Hosting a high school exchange student will broaden your view of the world and bring your family an informed global perspective. You and your family will form new and lasting friendships and you can give a foreign student the opportunity to know the “real” America. We welcome all types of host families and encourage you to join us! Learn more 

Volunteer Host Families


Welcoming a CHI Au Pair USA participant into your home is an affordable option for your childcare needs. Hosting an au pair is not only a remarkable value, it is a rewarding and enriching cultural experience for the entire family. Your family’s view of the world will expand through sharing language, culture and customs and your children will become world citizens . Learn more 

Volunteer Host Families


Learn about another culture by hosting an international exchange student for one to four weeks, depending upon the group. CHI’s Group Homestay participants are junior high, high school, or university students who have studied English for 3 to 10 years. Participants spend their days attending English culture classes and touring the community. Students are eager to meet you and share their culture. Volunteer host families are encouraged to join in on the fun! Learn more 

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteer host families!

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