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Volunteering in the U.S.

CHI Short Term Enrichment Program participant Gang Li Bruce learned a lot about life in the U.S. while living in Dover, NH and volunteering at a children’s museum.  Gang shares his experience during his one month stay.

Volunteering in the U.S. 1


“I have learned a lot about the US through talking with people including the culture, the history, the society and so on. I do get much new knowledge and I believe my English is much better than a month ago. Also, I am sure there are lots of different things between US and China. I will say in some aspects, the US does better than China while in some other aspects China does better. And I think this is a good thing that we can have this chance to understand each other and we can seek common points while reserving difference.”

Volunteering in the U.S. 2

“I traveled to New York City and Boston. Both are amazing and beautiful cities. I will describe NYC as a supercity. Tall buildings are on every street! As for Boston, academic ambiance and cultural connotation are the important features. After all, Harvard and MIT are both in Boston.”

Volunteering in the U.S. 3

” I volunteered in Children’s Museum and met up with lots of children who are really cute and active. And I think it is really a great place where children can have fun creative things and learn a lot. Maybe China will have one in the future and I think we should have one. Because children are the future of a country.”

Volunteering in the U.S. 4

“The most important thing is that I have met lots of nice people here in Dover and in the trip to New York City and Boston. I think people are really friendly and they are always willing to give you a hand. I think I am really a lucky guy because there are so many nice people around me when I am here.  I want to say ” Thank you” to all of them. And I hope we can keep connecting each other even after I go back to China. I regard all the people I have met here as my good friends.”


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