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Welcome Exchange Students From Around the World

Welcome Exchange Students From Around the World 1

This month Japanese Group Homestay Program participants spent three weeks in Lodi, CA where they stayed with host families and toured Lodi as well as the surrounding areas.  The Lodi News recently wrote an article about their arrival where they interviewed many participants.  Participants shared why this program is so important to them and what they hope to learn while visiting the United States.

The article also mentions CHI’s Pamela Payne as well as high school exchange students from our Academic Year Program.

“Pamela Payne manages the foreign exchange student program in Lodi and has brought in around 1,200 foreign exchange students over the past 20 years. The Lodi area will serve as the host city for 76 Homestay exchange students this year, including students visiting from France, Belgium, Spain, Thailand and more. Nils Querlalt, 16, is a foreign exchange student from France and a senior at Lodi High. “I want to learn English, make friends in other countries than France,” Querlalt said. “I want to speak English fluently, have some context of the USA so I can come back.” Manon Brennet, 17, is from Belgium and will be attending Lodi High. She hopes to learn more about American culture. “I want to discover the culture of America and learn English,” said Brennet. “I hope to speak good English and meet new people.” Payne has filled open spots for exchange students in some schools like Lodi High, but there are still open spots in other schools.”

Read the full article: Lodi hosts welcome exchange students from around the world

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