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Welcome to the New Era of Seasonal Hiring

Turnover is a major issue for many businesses.  And hiring for seasonal or part-time positions can be an even bigger challenge.  As your busy season approaches, you can feel stressed wondering who to find to fill these positions.  Will they be qualified?  Able to start quickly?  Learn enthusiastically and add something to your business?  What will their schedules be?  Will they leave to go back to school?

Of the many questions surrounding the seasonal hiring process, the first, and one of the biggest, is finding enough qualified applicants.  In many places there just aren’t enough people looking.  As an employer, your search can be time consuming, frustrating, and exhausting.

Luckily, there’s a solution to this hiring headache, and you’ll get to impact the world on a global level at the same time. Your business can open its doors to skilled J1 visa Work & Travel participants and fill all your seasonal needs.  Talented, motivated, and advanced English speakers, these bright young people are drawn from destinations around the world, wanting to work for you and experience life in the U.S.  They are eager, excited and ready to learn.  It’s a win-win.

Instead of paying high prices to place classified ads in outdated newspapers or poorly targeted websites, and hoping to receive just one application from someone qualified, you can easily browse an entire database of qualified applicants.  You can fill all of your important positions during your busy times of year well in advance with individuals who are excited to learn and grow from an American business, and who will add a valuable fresh perspective to your workforce.

Numerous employers across the country have already realized the benefits of hiring J1 visa Work & Travel participants:

This program has really helped us fill in some seasonal employment gaps with fun, hardworking staff members that have really enjoyed their time in Southern California. It has been great to see the development of our J-1 workers in regards to language, culture and work ethic here in the United States.”

–  Ghirardelli Chocolate Company Southwestern Regional Manager Scott Perry

Even better, working with a J1 visa Work & Travel program is completely free.  So why not join the movement, and experience the best new way to do your seasonal hiring!  Let a J1 visa Work & Travel participant help you at the peak of your busy season.  You’ll benefit from a thorough, rigorous recruiting process at no extra cost to you, while adding diversity, enthusiasm and a bit of culture to your business.

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Welcome to the New Era of Seasonal Hiring

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