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What I Loved About Work and Travel – Agnieszka from Poland

Agnieszka Wcisło, from Poland, shared what it was like for her to live in the United States and participate in CHI’s Work and Tavel program.  Find out what Agnieszka loved about Work and Travel.

What I Loved About Work and Travel


 “I worked as a bartender in a lovely restaurant with the huge tank inside called Downtown Aquarium in Houston and I did loved it! I had an opportunity to gain deep knowledge in American food and beverages, make friends with American staff and try a lot of American food. What is more, I served and have conversation with clients from the whole world. Thanks to that my English has improved incredible and in my oppinion, this is the best way to learn foreign language. I already miss people form Aquarium and hope one day I will meet them 🙂
There are many moments in my USA exchange program experience which I may call as significant.  Without a doubt I would like to describe the opportunity of taking part in the Cultural Ambassador Cinference in Washington, D.C. Thanks to CHI Organisation contest I became an Polish Cultural Ambassador and with 13 others Ambassadors of different countries from the whole World.  I had an honor to listen impressive speches from Representants from Department of State and the day before Representants of Ambasady from different countries. I would call it life changing experience as the passionate way of presenting their job related to improving the World inspires me and made reflection of changing my finanse career for joining the Ambasady and cowork with such an open-minded and outstanding people as were at the Conference. The biggest lesson which I was given from the event was that despite the fact we all are from different countries we have a lot of in common. We all have the same goals in our life, we all have desire to be happy, we all want to have peace in the World. Our culture diversity improve our understanding of each other and tolerance. To sum up, I can not find words to describe my feelings and emotions to being a part in the discussion. I am glad to had this opportunity and I am going to do research how to become and Ambassador of Poland and what I can do to improve the World and people’s life as well.
Thanks to the Work & Travel Program I had a lot of my first time experiences in USA, the most incredible one was flying over the Grand Canyon by a helicopter. The program made me more open-mined, self confident and gave me a lot of opportunities to admire wonderful places in USA and meet a lot of people. I have learnt the most about other countries culture in the whole my life, which is the most important not form books but from people form differnet countries. Thank you CHI for the opportunity to gain the experience.”
What I Loved About Work and Travel
What I Loved About Work and Travel - Agnieszka from Poland 1
What I Loved About Work and Travel - Agnieszka from Poland 2
What I Loved About Work and Travel - Agnieszka from Poland 3


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