What it’s like to host an Italian exchange student

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What it's like to host an Italian exchange student 1

The Beaudoin family shares what it’s like to host an exchange student through CHI’s Private High School Program.

“Each year, we, the Beaudoin family, enjoy hosting two high school exchange students, one of them this school year is Matteo, from Italy.  He came to us through the CHI’s Private High School Program and he attends San Luis Obispo High School.  We kicked off this year with friends and family dinners in our backyard. Since Matteo likes nature, food, sports, and photography, our first adventure found us kayaking in Morro Bay.

Matteo settled happily into school at SLO High, enjoying football games, dances, surfing, working out at our local gym, and hanging out with friends. One of our next adventures was a trip up to Big Sur where the views were breathtaking! 

Matteo invited friends over for a backyard bonfire and barbecues in early October, and then we finished October with Halloween parties and haunted houses! We are now looking forward to winter with Matteo!”

The Beaudoin Family

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