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Why Choose an Au Pair Over a Nanny or Daycare

You have many options when you’re looking the right childcare.  While each one has benefits and drawbacks, every day more families learn that choosing an au pair gives them a unique cultural experience at an incredible value.

Here are some of the distinct benefits of an au pair that you may not receive from a nanny or daycare:

  • Fixed cost of $343/week, per family – no additional per child fees
  • Guaranteed full-time childcare (45 hours per week)
  • Flexible payment options that work with your budget
  • Your au pair is there if your child is ill – there is no need to take time off of work
  • All au pairs receive hands-on training in CPR and first aid
  • Your children receive one-on-one attention and supervision
  • You determine the hours and coverage that work best for your family
  • Your au pair can perform light child-related housekeeping tasks
  • Wonderful opportunity for your family to learn a new culture and language and to develop an enduring relationship that will last a lifetime

Here are some quotes from actual CHI Au Pair USA host families talking about why they chose an au pair:

Convenience: “With au pairs, they are always at the house on working day.  Therefore if we leave early or arrive home late, the kids’ lives still go on along with child-related household chores.  In this sense we prefer live-in care.  Also, two au pairs cost much less than daycare or nannies.  We decided to take on a second au pair when our daycare center bill increased to $4,100 monthly.” – host family from Washington D.C.

Cost: “The fees charged by nannies can vary widely and can far exceed au pair costs” – host family from Virginia

Predictability: “We know how long our au pairs will say (1 year, sometimes longer) and we can plan for those transitions. With a nanny, someone could decide to leave our family suddenly and we would be really in a bind!” – host family from Virginia

Cultural Enrichment: “Our children have been exposed to 4 different cultures and 4 different languages besides English”. – host family from Virginia

As one of the leaders in the field of international exchange programs, you can trust CHI Au Pair USA.  We offer years of experience, superior customer care, and competitive pricing that has not increased since 2010!

Fill out an application to start the process of finding your perfect au pair today!

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