Letter to My Host Dad – Why Hosting is Awesome!

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This is why hosting is awesome!  In July host dad JD celebrated his birthday.  He received a wonderful message from his past high school exchange student Bjarne.   JD and his wife Jennie hosted Bjarne, from Germany, in 2015/2016.  Here is Bjarne’s birthday message sent to Jennie to pass on to his host dad.

“Jennie I would love it if you could show JD this message and wish him a happy birthday because he just is an amazing person who I love even if I sometimes disagree with him… I actually do think that especially me disagreeing with him helped me a lot by becoming the person I am! JD you have changed the way I view the world! I now not just think about some crazy ideas but actually want to fulfill them! Without you there wouldn’t have been the crazy idea to get a 3 D printer and neither I would even consider creating a 3D printed puzzle of Fehmarn Island to sell the tourists…. Thank you so much for being such an amazing person and I really do hope that your family treat you as the champion (or as you would say THE DUDE) you are!”

Bjarne, JD and Jennie

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