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Why Work and Travel?

CHI Work and Travel program participant shares her experience as an exchange visitor with CHI.

Why Work and Travel? 1

Why Work and Travel!

“First, I would like to thank all CHI Family for all your support, help and the great job you are doing for thousands and thousands of students!!!

Work and Travel program is not just a program, it is a unique opportunity for thousands of students to explore new culture, lifestyle, see so many gorgeous places, meet so many amazing people, improve English and experience unforgettable summer. The program changes people and unites them. I am so gratefuI I was a part of the program.

The program helps young people to explore new places, to be independent, to be more patient and mature, to cooperate with different people from different cultures. My personal experience changed me a lot. I became more independent, confident,patient, open-minded and I made friends from different countries (England, Romania, Turkey, Slovakia, Ukraine, China, Moldova, Russia and many others).

Regarding my workplace. I was amazed how helpfull the employer was. I loved my job. It was perfect place to see how American families spend their spare time.  I thank my employer for the opportunity to be a shift supervisor and have a valuable work experience which will help me in my future job places.

Another great experience, of course is travelling. Exploring new places, people and food is priceless experience. Every state of the US I have been has its own unique features and lifestyle. I had no idea how East Coast can be different from West Coast. I found out the US has great history, lots of museums, observatories that in fact are interesting.

When I returned home I shared my experience with my family and friends. And in fact, they have now change their thoughts about America as I did! Thank you CHI for the priceless experience in my life!!!!!”

-Nargizochka Ibragimova

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