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Winter in New York, Boston and New Hampshire

Winter in New York, Boston and New Hampshire 1

Gavin Tianya Zhao, from China, recently participated in CHI’s Short Term Enrichment Program.  Gavin spent time living and volunteering in Dover, New Hampshire this winter.  In his free, time he was able to visit New York and Boston.  Here Gavin shares his thoughts on winter in New York, Boston and New Hampshire.

New York

Winter in New York

When I came to New York City, I was astonished because of the tall buildings. It reminded me a song which the lyric is “In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There’s nothing you can’t do, now you are in New York”. I have been to many places in NYC. I love the Brooklyn Bridge the most. As a student whose major is bridge engineering, I really feel astonished because I know the history and difficulties of the bridge. I think I should study harder and build a fantastic bridge like this in future.


Winter in New York, Boston and New Hampshire 2

I love Boston more than New York City, though Boston is smaller than New York City. I visited Harvard University and MIT with my friend. The most unforgettable experience was going to an NBA basketball game. I went to TD Garden and watched the Celtics play the Cavaliers.

New Hampshire

Winter in New York, Boston and New Hampshire 3

I think the people in New Hampshire are kind and lovely. They will smile at me on the road and everywhere, it’s really heartwarming. I am so moved because we seldom say hi and smile to strangers in China. Even the waiter and waitress are more enthusiastic than my hometown. So I am willing to give the tips. Do you know there are no tips in China?  In a word, I really enjoy this winter in America. I have a special experience that my classmates don’t have. I studied many skills and knowledge at here, I really appreciate the people that I met in Dover.

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