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Wonderful Summer at the Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo located in City Park of Denver, Colorado, was home to two of CHI’s Work & Travel participants this summer. Javiel Meran and Winnifer Burgos spent their days interacting with Americans who came to enjoy the zoo.  They completed duties such as selling popcorn, ice cream and drinks.  In their free time, they were treated to cultural activities including attending a Colorado Rockies game as well as hiking in beautiful nearby mountains.

Human Resouce Manager, Danny Blauvelt shared that they were very happy with the students’ performance.  He said they were hard working, arrived early at their jobs and performed well.  Javiel had a wonderful summer and would love to return to the U.S. on another J1 visa program in the future.  Winnifer agrees and said she was happier in the U.S. than she was back home.  She was a very responsible worker.

Thank you to the Dever Zoo and to Javiel and Winnifer for taking part in CHI’s Work & Travel program!

Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo

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