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Work and Travel USA for International Exchange Students


CHI Work & Travel Gives You a Head Start! Get real world job skills in the U.S. during your school break, discover life in America, and make new friends with CHI Work & Travel.
Work and Travel USA for International Exchange Students
Work and Travel USA - Experience American Culture
Work and Travel USA - Work up to 4 months in a US Business
Our flexible program dates work around your school schedule. Spend your winter, spring, or summer working at a popular U.S. resort, amusement park, sporting arena, or restaurant, and in your free time immerse yourself in American culture. Tour museums, sightsee, visit with American friends or just relax on the beach. The possibilities are endless. You’ve always wanted the experience of a lifetime – now’s your chance. #GetOutThere!

Work and Travel USA Highlights

What CHI Offers

Every year CHI brings thousands of university students from around the world to the United States as participants in our prestigious Work & Travel program. CHI provides:

CHI serves as your program sponsor.


We issue your Form DS 2019, to help you apply for your J-1 visa.

The Job

If desired, we arrange employment.


Our professional staff support you every step of the way.

Work and Travel USA Program Options

There are two program options: Job Assisted and Self Placed

Job Assisted

CHI arranges your job, works with your employer and takes care of all paperwork and arrangements on your behalf.


You communicate directly with potential employers and arrange your own job in the U.S. Once your job is secured you submit the written job offer with your full application to CHI for approval.

Work and Travel Requirements

This is a popular and prestigious program, and we value the maturity and professionalism of our participants. In order to be selected, you must submit a completed application through a CHI partner agency in your home country, as well as be:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Work and Travel program was designed to offer international students an opportunity to explore U.S. culture while gaining valuable work experience. Cultural enrichment for each participant is a mandatory part of the program and one that CHI takes seriously. By the end of this short program participants will not only have work experience but they will have had a chance to truly experience all that the U.S. has to offer.

Cultural events can be:

  • A day trip to a nearby big city
  • Going to a local sporting event
  • Visiting a museum
  • A barbecue with friends
  • A trip to the beach
  • Participate in an international potluck
  • Each participant is required to fill out a monthly report located within their profile in SEVIS.
  • The monthly report is a way for CHI to stay informed about any changes in student housing or employment, as well as to keep track of the cultural activities participants enjoy.
  • Login to your SEVIS account and click on the “Monthly Report” section.
  • If you have trouble accessing the monthly report form online, call CHI directly for assistance.
  • SEVIS: Login to, go to “Cultural Guides” and choose your state. A number of resources are available to help you find cultural events in your area.
  • CHI “Get Out There” Facebook Group: Active participants are able to join CHI’s private Facebook group. This lively group allows participants across the U.S. to communicate about cultural events and share information.
  • Newsletters: CHI will send you weekly newsletters throughout your program with news, cultural information and program updates. We will also share contest opportunities and ways to get involved. Keep an eye out for them!
  • Email: Participants are always encouraged to contact CHI directly for help in finding cultural events in their area. Just e-mail and someone will be in touch. Check your e-mail often as CHI will be contacting you throughout your program with more information.
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