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Work travel Participant Returns home with new Hopes and Goals

Georgina Musolino spent the winter months experiencing what it’s like to live and work in Boston, Massachusetts. As a participant in CHI’s Work and Travel program, she was able to get real-world job skills while discovering life in the U.S.

Work travel Participant Returns home with new Hopes and Goals 1
Georgina on the right

Georgina shares her experience working at Dunkin in Cambridge and what she plans to do now that she has returned home.

“As an English-Spanish translator to be, being familiar with English speaking countries’ culture is one of the most important things. I chose to stay with an American family through Airbnb, so I was able to see and experience firsthand America’s culture.

As my employer, I chose Dunkin Donuts in Boston, and I was assigned to a store in Cambridge with a wonderful team. I felt welcome, respected, and appreciated from the very first moment both from my team and from customers!

Cambridge has a unique, warm and caring community that really cares about their people and they really appreciate the people who serve them every day. I have seen customers insisting on paying for police officers’ morning coffee as a thank you for their service! And I received a lot of compliments and nice comments from customers for serving them with a smile every single day and remembering their orders.

I come back to my country with new hopes and goals. I want to help my community by volunteering in a local organization and tutoring in my university this year, always with my Dunkin can-do attitude and the kindness, sympathy, and the give-back attitude I learned from the community of Cambridge.

It was a wonderful experience. I gained confidence, fluency in my speech, and assertiveness that will definitely boost my studies and future career; plus I made a lot of friends who taught me about their culture and wanted to learn about mine. I am really looking forward to going again as a returnee next summer, seeing all my friends again, and working again with the amazing coworkers I had the pleasure to share these past three months with!”

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