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World Explorers Sightsee in Paris

Sightsee in Paris
As a CHI World Explorer, you can go to over 20 countries and stay with a host family for onetwo or three months. The World Explorers program allows everyone, even budget travelers, to experience the excitement of living abroad.

As a World Explorer, you will share your native language with your hosts for 15 hours a week in exchange for a clean and comfortable room! The goal for your family is to practice their conversational English. When you are not with your host family you have a lot of free time to sightsee and explore your host country.

Recently two World Explorers took advantage of their free time and met up to explore France. Haley Duncan, from Vacaville, CA, and Monica Stephens, from Elryra, OH, were both participating in the World Explorers program in different countries.  Haley in France and Monica in Germany.  Monica decided to go to France to visit a past host family and the girls met up for a fun weekend exploring Paris. They had a wonderful time!

Sightsee in Paris

World Explorers Sightsee in Paris 1
World Explorers Sightsee in Paris 2

Do you want to sightsee in Paris?  Contact us to learn more!

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