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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure you can get the best deal possible on your airfare, so we are happy to offer travel advice. We ask our
participants to wait to buy their flights until the placement with their host family is confirmed. We recommend searching the following sites for flight deals:

If you are a student or if you are under 26-years-old, you can also check the following sites:

Your safety is important to us. Our travelers must have medical insurance coverage during their time abroad. CHI can enroll you in an international plan with our affiliate provider, United Health Network. Their extensive international plan offers coverage benefits up to $100,000 (with a $100 deductible) and costs less than $2/day!

CHI is a non-profit organization so we keep our prices as affordable as possible. Your total program fee covers administrative costs for both CHI and our partner organization in the hosting country. Both organizations work on your behalf to provide you and your host family with a rewarding experience. The necessary work includes a diligent application process, interviews, and orientations which ensure a safe and exciting cultural experience tailored to your and the host family’s specific needs. In addition, both  organizations provide you with the staff, here and abroad, to support you for the entire length of your stay.

This extensive placement process coupled with free room and board and only 15 hours of tutoring per week makes for a fantastic overall value. You also receive support before, during and after your trip. A 24-hour in-country support system is included 
throughout your stay.

Remember, the longer your stay, the better the value. Even economical foreign travel can easily cost over $100 per day plus airfare and insurance. This makes traveling with World Explorers up to six times cheaper than the hotels, hostels, and restaurant meals of the standard vacation experience.

No. Our host families volunteer to open their homes to welcome you as an active member of their family. They are eager to learn your language and to teach you some of theirs. In exchange for your 15 hours of English lessons per week, the host family will give
you a room in their home and three meals per day. Remember, it’s always nice to keep your room organized and to clean up after  yourself. Don’t be afraid to offer to do some light chores such as doing the dishes or taking out the garbage. You may even offer to cook them your favorite dish as a nice gesture and to share part of your culture. You are not staying in a hotel, so make sure you do your fair share around the house!

World Explorers runs all year long. You may choose your departure and return date based on a one, two or three month stay. You can also combine multiple programs to create a longer travel plan. Check the destinations we have available.

CHI asks that you submit your World Explorers application three months before your desired departure date. If you are interested in a summer program we recommend that you send in your application as soon as possible. At times, placements can be made upon
shorter notice. Contact us directly for immediate openings. See all the possible destinations.

A second language is not required for this program, though it can be helpful. Most host families will be able to speak some English. We also have a partner in each country that will be available if you have trouble communicating with your host family.

We have partners all over the world, allowing us to accommodate most first choice requests. We ask you to list the top three  countries you would like to visit on your online application. If we cannot find you a host family in your first choice destination,
we will try to find you a host family in your second or third choice destinations.

While you can specify which city you would like to live in, we cannot guarantee you will be placed there. We ask that you are flexible with the location of your placement. We are not a travel agency and provide a service and opportunity that does not allow for complete control over the final destination, but that is part of what changes lives and helps participants grow. We want you to embrace your host family and the local surroundings, no matter where you end up! We will do our best to match you with the most suitable family we have available at the time you choose to travel. Please be open minded. Placements are often outside of major cities.

Participants do not need teaching experience. As a World Explorer you will be required to help your host family with their  conversational English for a maximum of 15 hours per week. As part of our program fee, we provide each World Explorer with
excellent materials should you need more ideas for conversation topics. The goal for your family is to feel comfortable  communicating in English. This is not about teaching them reading, writing and grammar. To the host family, this program is about 
improving their speaking skills through fun and meaningful conversations with you.

World Explorers is designed to allow you to really have a chance to experience your chosen country. We suggest that you outline all the places you would like to visit during your stay. Do your best to get out often to meet the local people and experience the local culture. This program is truly a cultural exchange opportunity. We encourage you to take advantage of that free time. As we  mentioned, some countries welcome further instruction or tutoring outside of your host family. Our overseas partners are always happy to recommend different activities for you to fill your days when you are not tutoring English. Past travelers have had the opportunity to help out in a local school, lend a hand in our partner’s office and even lead an English conversation group for  university students. What you do in your free time is determined by how ambitious you are and how proactive you are at getting involved in the local community. As a World Explorer, we urge you to explore new places, exchange your language and culture and experience life abroad as a local.

If your behavior is deemed unacceptable by your host family, they have the right to ask you to leave. Depending on the  circumstances, the partner agency may be able to find another host family for you. Otherwise, you may have to end your program
without a refund if you are unable to abide by the program rules.

Yes and no. Once you’ve been placed and your host family has approved your requested arrival and departure dates, you must stick to the agreed-upon time frame. If you want to extend your dates, and you are still able to continue your stay or travel without exceeding the immigration laws of the host country, we can attempt to arrange a second World Explorers experience for you with a different host family with enough advance notice. If immigration laws allow, you may stay in the country after arranging your own accommodations separate from the host family experience. Many participants choose to travel on their own once their program ends.

The Buddy Program is offered to friends who apply to World Explorers and plan on departing within the same calendar month. We will do our best to place you and your buddy in the same city so that you can do things together in your free time. Please note that
this does not mean you will live with the same host family, nor will you be able to spend every moment of your program together. You do not have to go to the same country as your buddy. You must indicate the name of your buddy on the application. Once all program fees have been paid, you will each be given a $100.00 refund.

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