W&T Hiring Tour – Colombia and Peru

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CHI’s recent hiring trip to Colombia and Peru was a great success!  Chrissy Snow, Teresa Otto fares and Mitzi Aldridge from Boddie Noel participated in this adventure into South America!

In Colombia, CHI partnered up with a new agency GLO – Global International Studies. There we interviewed 7 students with the promise of many more. They were very accommodating and gracious as they learned the CHI way. We also met up with a long time agency STC – Student Travel Center. STC always brings on the numbers as we interviewed over 75 students, a great turn out! Then we met with TRM – Trotamundos, for another job fair containing 23 students. All the students did a wonderful job and the CHI crew enjoyed another wonderful trip to Colombia.

CHI then safely arrived in Lima Peru to meet up with INJ – Intej, one of Peru’s oldest and largest agencies, for students. CHI interviewed over 160 students! Well done INJ!

And, of course, we gained another partner in Lima Peru with IEP – International Experience Peru. They did an exceptional job with the orientation. The students did great interviewing with Mitzi, who got the WHOLE group saying “Hi, ya’ll!”. It was awesome!

Although we were not able to place all the students, we are constantly working with the agencies to make sure the right student is placed in the right job.

If you would like to learn more about the Work and Travel Program, visit our website: www.chinet.org/wt

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