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Internship Training

Cultural Homestay International’s Internship/Training Programs are a practical “on-the-job” training in an American business for overseas university students and young professionals. The program bridges the participant’s course of study to their career development objectives. While participants gain practical knowledge in their specialized fields, the American staff gains international cultural and business awareness. The participants not only gain valuable insight into American business methods and practices, they immerse themselves into American society and culture.

Benefit Your Business

Cultural Homestay International would like to invite you to consider the many benefits of welcoming a well-educated and highly motivated international Intern in your enterprise. Your staff will not only learn about the Intern's country and its culture, but the eagerness of the participant to learn, the cross-pollination of ideas, and novel, "outside-the-box" thinking will make your young overseas professional a valuable member of your work team.

Cultural Homestay International (CHI) is designated by the U.S. Department of State to issue Form DS 2019 for J-1 Internship visas to qualified Internship applicants.

Internship or Training

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Cultural Homestay International (CHI) would like to invite you, young professionals, university students and recent college graduates, to consider the many benefits of the CHI Internship and Training Programs . The practical experience in an American host business gives you the opportunity to put your educational knowledge and your university major “to work” in your chosen professional field. In the process you will gain an in-depth understanding of the American business, society and culture. The Internship or Training experience will contribute significantly to the realization of your future career goals.

Internship Training

Internship Program Requirements

Must be currently enrolled in a degree or certificate granting post secondary academic institution.


Have graduated from an institution within 12 months of the internship start date in the US.


Verifiable English Language skills by an English test or documentation by an academic institution’s English instructor.

Personal interview conducted by a CHI partner either in person or via webcam.

This program is a maximum 12 months. There are no extensions.

May have a repeat J-1 visa as long as the intern is in student status or begins a new training with 12 months of graduation.

Training Program Requirements

Must have completed a degree or professional certificate outside the US and have 1 year related work experience outside the US.


5 years of related work experience.


Verifiable English Language skills by an English test or documentation by an academic institution’s English instructor.

Personal interview conducted by a CHI partner either in person or via webcam.

This program is a maximum 18 months. There are no extensions.

Internship Training

CHI offers two program options:

1) Self-arranged Internship/Training
2) CHI-arranged Internship/Training

CHI works in partnerships with student exchange organizations in 42 countries. They will guide you in the application procedures, administer tests and will evaluate your credentials. Final decision is made by CHI's Internship Admissions Department in San Anselmo, California. They are authorized to issue Form 2019 for the J-1 visa, which may be valid for up to 18 months.

Cultural Homestay International's field staff works tirelessly to make sure your Internship is successful, meaningful and beneficial to your professional growth.

Internship Training

The business world is rapidly globalizing. Have your company be one of the first to bring an international perspective into your office.

CHI invites your company to become one of the many businesses benefiting from hosting a well educated and motivated international Intern in their workplace. Your company offers the Intern the opportunity to gain practical knowledge in their specific professional field of interest while, at the same time, building an international and multi-cultural business climate.

Interns are expected to learn through different methods employed by your individual business and its practices. Because the American business spectrum is so diverse there is a great deal to offer an Intern who would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience the variety of business styles offered in the US. At the same time the Intern can bring to your company a perspective that may be new and fresh to your way of doing business.

Hosting an international Intern is a rewarding experience for both the business and for the Intern.

Your Company's Benefits

Interns offer valuable professional experience while sharing business practices from their home countries.

International Interns bring cultural diversity to your work environment creating a culture-sharing atmosphere and promoting global understanding.

CHI operates with partners and coordinators who screen all participants. All are highly skilled, motivated, focused and committed to their internship experience.

They are bilingual and professional, characteristics that will be very helpful too.

What CHI Provides

Screening of candidates.

Referring candidate profiles for your review.

Arranging appropriate J1 visa documentation.

Arranging and presenting an Intern Orientation upon arrival.

Supervision and support by experienced CHI coordinators.

I want to Become a Host Business

Internship Training

CHI has developed lasting relationships with families in communities throughout the United States.

CHI's host families have often hosted students and participants from many of our other programs. Host families generally have an interest in international travel and culture, and love to learn about the participants they host. Host families provide half board on the weekdays, and full board on the weekends for the participants.

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