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CHI Camp Leaders provides summer camps all around the U.S. with a diverse and skilled applicant pool from around the world. The Program is designated by the U.S. Department of State to sponsor qualified participants in an Exchange Visitor Program under the “Summer Camp Counselor” category.


Our core focus is to build quality relationships through meaningful cultural exchange programs.

Campers closely engage with positive role models from other cultures greatly enhancing the educational value of the camp experience.

CHI Camp Leaders gives American staff the opportunity to create bonds with international exchange students that will broaden their overall view of the world.

To date, we have helped over 32,000 participants enjoy the summer of a lifetime at more than 500 camps across the U.S.!

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Why you can trust CHI

CHI believes in the power of cultural exchange. It’s the best way to promote trust and understanding among nations and to build a more peaceful, prosperous world. CHI wants Americans and exchange visitors to come together and share culture, values, skills and life experiences. We have been opening doors to the world through quality exchange programs since 1980 because shared experiences bring people together and bringing people together changes the world.

How the Program Works

The process of hiring Camp Counselors is straightforward. We find ideal participants all around the world and we handle most of the paperwork, so our partnering U.S. Camps can focus on their core business.

Directors' Fairs

Our Directors’ Fairs offer Camp Directors the chance to recruit key staff members to be hired on the spot. All of our participants attending on the day have already been screened by our trained interviewers and passionate office staff members – all of whom have already been to American Camps with CHI Camp Leaders.

We personally believe that every participant attending has the capability and personality to become a fantastic camp staff member! With an attitude that reflects us as a company and fits perfectly within the summer camp industry.

We run fairs all over the world, including the UK, Central Europe, Down Under and Mexico to help you find the high-quality staff you need for a successful summer at Camp. Our fairs can be combined to suit your needs. You have the option to pick and choose which fairs will work best for you, your schedule and your staffing needs. We’re happy to put together customized itineraries for you to find the best staff for your Camp.

Opportunities as a Camp Counselor

There are many exciting opportunities for cultural exchange and professional growth at Camp. You will be assigned to a Camp Director, who will match your skills to the Camp’s needs. Here are some of the fun possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the J1 Visa is for a maximum of 4 months during the summer period.

That is great! As long as they turn 18 by the time they arrive in the U.S.

Yes, once participants are in the U.S., they will be able to check in with their CHI account.

Usually yes, however it depends on which country they are in currently. Best advice would be to reach out to their home country’s CHI Camp Leaders office to get further information.

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