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Make a difference: Volunteer Abroad

Change Lives for the better

CHI offers tailor-made volunteer opportunities in select destinations around the globe.

Volunteering is an affordable way for you to see the world and make a difference. Become part of a local community and give back to those in need. Whether you work with people, animals or nature – your efforts will be forever remembered!

Find a project that you relate to on a personal and emotional level in order to get the most out of your program. We work with trusted overseas partners to place you in volunteer projects that are well suited to your interests and goals.

Volunteer in Morocco

Home to an eclectic mix of cultures, cuisines, and languages, Morocco may be the most diverse country in Africa! Arabic is the official language, while French continues to be widely spoken, and Spanish is still spoken in some parts. Much of the country is underdeveloped, and volunteers are needed to help to promote education and social justice.

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Volunteer in India

What comes to mind when you think of India? Is it the Taj Mahal? Yoga? Elephants? Curry? Bollywood?

India’s remarkable diversity is reflected in its landscapes, cuisine and customs. Help others while gaining invaluable life experience.

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Volunteer in Chile

Chile offers one of the most varied landscapes in the world. You can visit icy blue glaciers, hot springs, volcanoes, rainforests, dry deserts, grassy plains, and gorgeous beaches – Chile really has it all!

CHI works with its trusted partner agency in the bustling capital city of Santiago. They also have offices in Viña del Mar, a city on central Chile’s Pacific coast. Its long stretches of white sandy beaches are a major attraction for national and international tourists. Known as The Garden City, Viña del Mar is located in the Valparaíso Region. You can live with a local host family while doing a volunteer program in order to learn the Chilean way of life.

What the program fee covers


If you like social projects and would like to get involved, volunteering in Chile is a great opportunity. Regardless of your experience, you can contribute to international understanding and learn Spanish in Chile. Our partner collaborates with social institutions and non-profit organizations offering a range of programs throughout the country, such as:


The majority of the organizations which offer volunteer work have very little in terms of financial wealth and therefore, in most cases, you will need to cover the cost of your accommodation. All the organizations are extremely grateful for every donation and every helper. The rents for a furnished single room without meals in a host family, shared flat or a hostel are between 280 USD and 450 USD per month. Rents are strongly dependent on the location and the accessibility of public transportation. You can usually choose between breakfast, half board or full board. Depending upon your desires and needs, we will find suitable accommodation for you.

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