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Au Pair Abroad

Gain International Travel Experience

The experience of the Au Pair Abroad Program is much more meaningful than just traveling as a tourist!

Live abroad with a local host family in the country of your choice for up to 180 days. Receive your own room, three meals per day, some pocket money and an experience of a lifetime.

The word “Au Pair” literally means “equal to” in French. As an Au Pair Abroad, you will be treated as a true member of your host family, not just as the “nanny.”

Benefits of being an au pair abroad

If you love children as much as you love to travel, we have the perfect travel option for you. Become an Au Pair Abroad and get the best of both worlds by taking care of children in another country!


CHI believes in the power of cultural exchange. It’s the best way to promote trust and understanding among nations and to build a more peaceful, prosperous world.

CHI wants Americans and exchange visitors to come together and share culture, values, skills, and life experiences.

We have been opening doors to the world through quality exchange programs since 1980 because shared experiences bring people together and bringing people together changes the world.

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The Au Pair Abroad program is ideal for first-time travelers that are looking for a safe and affordable way to live in another country. You will have local support throughout your program in case you need any assistance.

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We do our best to ensure that you are matched with the right host family. CHI is a proud member of IAPA, the International Au Pair Association.

All of our host families have been carefully screened to ensure your safety and to make sure your cultural exchange experience is a success. You will be asked to Skype with your prospective host family before your placement is confirmed so you can get to know one another better.

The number one reason our families want to host is to introduce their children to a foreign language. You will be expected to speak your native language when you are taking care of the host children.

You are not required to know another language. Your hosts are excited to learn more about you and your culture just as much as they are to share theirs with you.

Our host families understand that this is a cultural exchange program and want to fully integrate you into their everyday family life.


* Your schedule is based on the family’s needs and will differ with each placement. A usual day will be five to six hours of work. The week will most likely be six days of work with one day off or five days of work with two days off, depending on the hours worked each day. Some evening shifts may be requested of you.

** The amount of pocket money earned varies in each country.


Our short-term Au Pair Abroad programs run year-round and can last anywhere from one to three months.*

We do our best to find host families available for your desired dates. As an Au Pair Abroad, you are able to explore a new country, learn a new language, gain valuable life experience, and travel in a safe environment living with a loving host family.

* Long-term au pair opportunities may be available up to 12-months if you obtain a student visa and agree to enroll in language classes in addition to your au pair duties. This comes at an additional cost.


Would you like to talk to an Au Pair Abroad customer care associate before applying? We strive to offer the trustworthy customer service you deserve.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Au Pair Abroad program is a great option for first time travelers. You will be living in a safe environment with a loving host family. You will have a busy schedule, taking care of the kids 5-6 days per week. You will need to meet the minimum application and visa requirements and have a valid passport to be accepted to the program.

CHI is a non-profit organization. We try to make our prices as affordable as possible. There is a program fee to ensure you are placed with a carefully screened host family and that you have a 24-hour support system throughout your program. CHI
and the overseas agency work hard on your behalf to make sure that you and your host family have a truly amazing experience.

The best part about the Au Pair Abroad program is that you will have the chance to earn some pocket money for your services as an au pair. In some cases, you can earn your program fee back and more! The amount of money received varies for each country.

Our customer care specialists are always willing to help you secure the best travel advice including where to buy the cheapest flights. Please wait to buy your flights until your placement with a host family has been confirmed.

We recommend searching the following sites for flight deals:

If you are a student or if you are under 26-years-old, you can also check the following sites:

Your safety is important to us. Our travelers must have medical insurance that will cover them during their time abroad. If your medical insurance doesn’t cover you internationally, you will need to purchase coverage through a recognized provider. There are several affordable companies that offer plans for less than U.S. $2.00 per day! We recommend:
World NomadsCaremed
GEO Blue Travel. Please read this article before choosing which international insurance provider is best for you!

We currently have Au Pair Abroad placements in: Argentina, Mexico, China, Spain, France, Italy and Germany.
We ask that you please be flexible with the location where you are placed. Host families may live in different cities in each country offered. Please inquire for more details about a specific location.

Your host family will do their best to introduce you to their friends and relatives that live nearby. Our overseas partner agency will also be able to offer local tips about how to meet other people your age during your time abroad. Some agencies offer organized cultural activities or outings for all of the au pairs in a given area. If we know there will be other au pairs in your area, we will share their contact details with you. There are also a lot of Meetup groups and other fun groups you can join to make friends abroad!

You will have 1-2 days off per week. Every family has a different schedule and needs. Please be flexible and make sure you accommodate their needs.

As long as you respect your host family’s rules, you may be able to go out on the weekends. Remember that your main priority is to take care of the children. As long as you get your job done and are responsible, you may be able to go out with your new friends and have fun.

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