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CHI’s Work & Travel Program offers overseas university students a unique opportunity to intimately experience life and culture in the U.S.
Bright international college exchange students visit the United States to experience our culture and share their own, while gaining real world job experience in seasonal or temporary positions during their summer vacations.

For three to four months, participants learn important skills and discover life in America, while American businesses receive valuable summer help and benefit from participants’ international outlook.
CHI’s Work & Travel program is a true example of cultural exchange.

Why CHI?

24/7 support for both participant and employer

Multi-lingual staff

Wide selection of jobs and locations

Reliable, reachable and responsive team

Efficient operations

Strong belief in the value of cultural exchange

Highly qualified and experienced field staff across the country

Designated sponsor for the Summer Work & Travel program since 2000

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For Employers

With CHI’s decades of experience in running exchange programs in the U.S., and an industry-leading screening process, we’ll help streamline your operations.

We work to constantly to stay at the forefront of industry standard best practices, and will share our deep knowledge base with you.

For participants

Every year CHI brings thousands of university students from all over the world to participate in the USA Work & Travel Program.

Participants have the unique chance to learn a new culture, experience the work atmosphere, meet new people and share their summer break with new friends.

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For Partner Agencies

CHI is committed to the satisfaction and success of everyone who helps make our student
exchange programs what they are, and our overseas partners are an important part of that equation. 

We seek lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. A number of our staffers even came directly from our partner organizations, so we know what’s important to you.

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