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Host a Foreign Exchange Student


Building bridges between cultures, one family and one student at a time.
It all comes together as a life enhancing experience for everyone involved.

Since 1980, we’ve been bringing American families together with students from around the world to share exciting, memorable experiences for one to four weeks. Our Group Homestay students, hailing from countries throughout Asia and Europe, come here to learn about life in the United States, practice their English skills, and share their cultures with their host families.

Daily programs run by our Teacher Coordinators focus on culturally enriching, fun-filled activities and English conversation classes. In the evenings and on weekends, local host families teach their students about their unique American family lives, introducing them to their friends, extended families and communities.

Why Host a Foreign Exchange Student?

You may not think your life could change in just a few weeks, but with Group Homestay it can. The program lets you experience what it is like to open your home, share your culture and create a bond that will last a lifetime. From the moment your participant arrives, you’ll be able to feel the world getting just a little smaller.

You’ll have conversations about how your home works, the types of food you eat and what activities you enjoy. You’ll share your culture, and your student will share theirs. You’ll find more similarities than you think. In a small amount of time, your student will have a large impact on your life and your world view, and your connection can last a lifetime.

Short homestay experience, 1 to 4 weeks.

Great for first time host families.

Learn a new culture.

See your culture through fresh eyes.

Your children will love having a new friend in their home.

Join your participant on fun activities throughout the community during the day.

Host Family Responsibilities


Who are the participants?

Sample Group Itinerary

Each day participants join their Teacher Coordinator for English practice followed by exciting activities in the community. Families are encouraged to join in the fun! This is a wonderful experience for children.
Participants arrive. Students are met at the airport by their Teacher Coordinator and/or their host family.
  • 9AM – 12PM: Orientation
  • 12PM – 1PM: Lunch
  • 1PM – 4PM: Tour of local area
  • 6PM – 7:30PM: Welcome party
All Day Trip: Example – Tour of Santa Barbara
Free weekend with host family
  • 9AM – 12PM: English class at the study center
  • 12PM – 1PM: Lunch
  • 1PM – 4PM: Holiday cultural exchange – celebrate holidays through crafts and food
All Day Trip: Example – Tour of Los Angeles
  • 9AM – 12PM: English class at the study center
  • 12PM – 1PM: Lunch
  • 1PM – 4PM: Sports afternoon
  • 9AM – 12PM: English class at the study center
  • 12PM – 1PM: Lunch
  • 1PM – 4PM: Visit a senior home
  • 9AM – 12PM: English class at the study center
  • 12PM – 1PM: Lunch
  • 1PM – 4PM: Local university tour

Free weekend with host family.

  • 9AM – 12PM: English class at the study center
  • 12PM – 1PM: Lunch
  • 1PM – 4PM: Sports activity
  • 4PM – 6PM: Pizza party
  • 6:45PM – 8:30PM: Farewell party

Participants return home

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Join the Team, Become a Teacher Coordinator

CHI Teacher Coordinators (TCs) teach conversational English and guide exchange students to increased cultural understanding through fun and educational field trips.

This seasonal work does not require a teaching degree, but does require a passion for sharing our American culture with young people of the world. CHI TCs work within their community to find caring, interested host families and are highly motivated to provide exciting, culturally rich opportunities to make this experience one that will be remembered forever by both our host families and students.

CHI provides full training and ongoing support throughout the program.

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