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High School Abroad Programs for American Students


The best way to learn about another country is to experience it!

Spend three, five or ten months attending high school in another country. There is a host family waiting just for you!

Live as a member of a family and become an active participant in the school and community. Your new family and school will help you develop a deep understanding of their country.

Being an exchange student offers you the chance to make life-long friendships and offers you a new view of the world and your role in it.

Benefits of Attending High School Abroad

Travel and study abroad

Learn a foreign language

Learn about another culture

Be an ambassador

Teach others about the U.S.

Promote cultural understanding

11 countries to choose from

One-on-one support


In order to participate in the program, you must:

You are the perfect candidate if:

You have an active interest in learning about another culture

You are mature in dealing with others

You are curious

You enjoy challenges

Why Trust CHI?

CHI believes in the power of cultural exchange. It’s the best way to promote trust and understanding among nations and to build a more peaceful, prosperous world. CHI wants Americans and exchange visitors to come together and share culture, values, skills and life experiences. We have been opening doors to the world through quality exchange programs since 1980 because shared experiences bring people together and bringing people together changes the world.
Caring Staff
CHI’s talented, hands-on and caring staff strive to ensure you will have the experience of a lifetime.
CHI is a leader in educational and cultural exchange since 1980. Over the years and through our various exchange programs, we have positively affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of families.
Trusted Partners Overseas
CHI only works with partners that share the same philosophy about student exchange we hold dear and that offer the same high level of support and care we provide.

Travel Destinations and Pricing



Pricing Coming Soon
Argentina, Belgium, France and Spain require students to have a minimum of 1-2 years of prior language study.
This fee includes:
This fee does not include

The Application Process

After Your Arrival

After you arrive in the destination country, our support goes on! You will:

The Application Process

We believe student exchange is important and we value the families who have hosted students in our Academic Year Program. We want to help you give your children the same exciting educational experience overseas.

CHI will provide a $1000 discount on a full academic year High School Abroad Program or $500 for a semester abroad program to students whose families are currently hosting or who have hosted for CHI’s Academic Year Program within the past 3 years.

Let us help you!
Contact us if you have questions about how the program works, what is offered, program costs, visa requirements or available schools.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are hosting countries with no language requirement.

You may go during your final semester of high school. There are other program choices for high school graduates. Perhaps World Explorers program would be just perfect for you.

You will receive information about your host family as soon as the “match” is made. Do not expect it earlier than 8 weeks before departure. It may come sooner but often does not. It is better to be prepared for this waiting period.

This educational experience will assist your child with their future plans. College and university officials are impressed by cultural exposure and advanced language skills. Students who participate in an exchange program are valued for initiative and their ability to adapt. Your child’s sense of adventure, courage and intellectual achievements gained will benefit them for a lifetime.

With CHI, you and your student are in excellent hands. All administrative staff have hosted foreign students themselves, traveled extensively, and worked with young people as counselors and coordinators. Extreme care is taken to place your child in a safe environment with a wonderful family and typical high school. Academic Counselors abroad will provide your child with assistance and advice to support them in a successful exchange experience along with 24 hour emergency coverage.

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How can we help you?