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The Part-time Job of your Dreams, Join CHI

Become an Academic Coordinator

At CHI, our Academic Coordinators (ACs) are the basis of our support network. Coordinators are responsible for finding that perfect match between a host family and a student, and they are available throughout the year to help ensure that our program participants are learning, growing, and having fun. It is local work with a global impact, and it is a chance to become a part of a community of people who truly love what they do.

Benefits and Compensation of working Part-time with CHI

Our Coordinators often have families and full-time jobs that they maintain alongside their duties at CHI, and they get to decide how many students and host families they work with during a given school year.
At CHI, the goal is to change lives, and Coordinators are a fundamental part of this process. Throughout your time as a Coordinator, you will witness the way in which a homestay program can bridge gaps and promote goodwill.
Each Coordinator receives a monthly stipend per student placed as well as a placement fee for every successful host family/student match. There are also special placement bonuses and travel incentives!
Coordinators can become more involved over time as high-placement Coordinators and move on to become an Area Program Administrators or Developing Area Program Administrators. Many current members of our field staff have been working with our organization for years.
Area Program Administrators are your direct supervisors, and they will train you and work closely with you throughout your time as a Coordinator. They are there to help you with ongoing student issues and are available at all times!

Throughout this experience, you will meet a whole world of people you would have never met otherwise!

ACs with high placement numbers are invited to our annual Academic Year Program conference held in fun places like New Orleans and Puerto Rico! Conference is a chance to see the bigger picture of the important work that we do and bond with ACs, Area Program Administrators, our California office staff, and Program Directors.

CHI’s 2024-25 Conference will be held in beautiful Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Contact us today to get started as a Coordinator and join us!

Cultural Homestay International
We are a U.S. Department of State-designated, CSIET certified Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor.
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Coordinator's Responsibilities

When you begin working as a Coordinator with CHI, our Area Program Administrators will immediately train you and give you the resources and knowledge you need.

They are always available to answer any questions and help you along the way.


Requirements to Work with CHI

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