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Throughout the years, our Academic Year Program (AYP) has formed positive, on-going relationships with nearly 120 partner agencies in over 30 countries. At CHI, we are committed to supervising, facilitating, and managing student programs with efficiency, positivity, objectivity, and a true belief in our mission.

We are a U.S. Department of State-designated, CSIET certified Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor that has developed a reputation as trustworthy, reliable, and student-focused. We genuinely love to see your students succeed, so we make sure that they have the staff support and the resources they need to have the best possible program.


Strong Support

CHI provides extra layers in our support network to ensure that students always have access to the resources and help they need. We pride ourselves on providing well trained Local Coordinators, who will be there for their students. Our Academic Coordinators are supervised and supported by Academic Program Administrators in each territory who oversee each program, providing a vast network of support for your students.
Our Operations staff oversees all communication between your agency and the field staff. Their job is to keep this program moving and your agency and the student’s family informed.


We have created a chain of communication over the years that allows us to efficiently filter important information and student issues through all of the levels of our program. We are committed to responding to important messages and issues within 24 hours to ensure that everyone is always aware of the status of a student’s program.


When a complex or serious behavioral issue arises, our AYP Committee is called upon to bring in Coordinators and Administrators from different regions of the country to conduct interviews, analyze reports, and draw the most objective possible conclusion. We never make big decisions about a student’s program without first consulting everyone involved, including the student and your agency.


We have worked with most of our overseas partners for many years, and the relationships we have with them are important to us. We have a strong understanding of how to maintain positive working relationships, and we believe the best bonds form between like-minded organizations who share our values and our commitment to our diplomatic mission. We have seen how these long-term partnerships benefit the students and the overall program.


We have worked in the industry since 1980 and have retained many of our Coordinators and Administrators due to the collective passion for this mission. Your students’ programs are overseen by people with years of knowledge.

Flexibility and Open Communication

We see our relationship with sending agencies as true partnerships, and we are committed to hearing your input, responding to your ideas and creating systems that work for both of us. Our Operations staff is there to respond to any issues or questions you have. We love the bonds we’ve formed with our partners over the years, and we love when everyone is happy to be working together for the student.

How it Works

You may be wondering how our process works. Once you’ve received student applications and vetted the students for the current school year, we:
Accept your students through our online application system.
Release your students’ profiles to our Field staff for placement with fully vetted families and schools.
Send you the placement information for your students, including full host family and school information.
Issue and send the DS-2019 form which allows students to acquire their visas once payment has been received.
Work with schools, host families, and your agency to arrange arrival flights.
Provide full orientation for your students upon arrival.
Facilitate student programs and handle student support throughout the academic year.
Send monthly status reports throughout the program so that you and the natural parents are always aware of your students’ progress.
Work with host families, your agency, and natural parents to arrange departure flights.
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