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About CHI Au Pairs


Candidates are selected based on their maturity, independence, adaptability, and, most importantly, for their sincere interest in and affection towards children.
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CHI Au Pairs love children, have a desire to share their cultural heritage, and look forward to being part of the daily family life. They go through an extensive screening process, including personal interviews, previous childcare experience evaluation, psychometric testing, criminal background checks, and confirmed character reference checks.

Basic Au Pair Qualification Criteria

CHI Au Pair is a cost-effective childcare solution for families with several children: there are no additional fees per child.

You will receive 45 hours of childcare per week and your CHI Au Pair will be:

CHI Au Pairs go above and beyond the basic requirements!
The majority of our Au Pairs have over 500 hours of childcare experience and often have professional experience as teachers or nurses in their home country. Our Au Pairs are capable, skilled and ready for this amazing experience.

CHI Au Pair maintains a strict and thorough screening and admissions procedure based on program visa requirements. Both the Au Pair and host family benefit from this detailed process and can feel confident that they are entering a program that exceeds the regulatory standards.

Au Pair Responsibilities

CHI Au Pairs provide up to 45 hours per week of childcare. The Au Pair’s schedule is flexible, and is set by the host family. Your Au Pair can work evenings, weekends or split shifts as long as their childcare duties take up no more than 5 ½ days a week and no more than 10 hours per day.

All au pair tasks should be focused specifically on the children – no heavy housework is permitted. Typical daily tasks can include:

Au Pair Orientation

Au Pairs are required to undergo an extensive 32+ hours of online orientation training prior to their arrival in the United States. This is an opportunity to introduce Au Pairs to the United States and the program prior to joining their host families.
Orientation Goals
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