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Au Pair Costs

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Promotions and Discounts

You are eligible for a discount on your program fees if you fit in any of the categories listed below:
Switch to CHI from any other U.S. based Au Pair program and accept a CHI Au Pair within six months of your previous Au Pair and receive $600.00 off your program fee.
Family-Arranged Au Pair Placement
Independently locate an Au Pair for yourself. Your family as well as your Au Pair must meet all program requirements. Receive $300.00 off your program fee.
Discount to Military Families
Families where one or both parents are active service members in the military can receive $300.00 off the program fee.
Discount to Families with Multiples
Families who are expecting or currently have multiples can receive $300.00 off the program fee.
Discount for returning CHI Au Pair Families
Families, who have successfully completed one full year with CHI Au Pair program and within six months of completion, accept another NEW CHI Au Pair will automatically receive $700.00 off the program fee.
Referral Bonus
Refer new host families to CHI Au Pair and when they match you receive a $300 bonus!
Single Parent
Single parent families receive $300.00 off the program fee.

Au Pair Program Pricing

This is a great program for families seeking full-time, live-in childcare. Traditional Au Pairs may work up to 45 hours a week.
Program Fees include:
*Contribution will be paid to the Host Family, in the form of a check for the amount, upon receipt of payment confirmation for the services. The contribution cannot be redeemed for cash or credit in the event of unsuccessful placement / re-match
Additional Program Costs:
In addition to the program fees, costs required by the U.S. Department of State and CHI Au Pair include the Au Pair’s:
*Host Family will pay a weekly stipend based on the highest minimum wage according to the Host Family’s location and in conformance with federal, state, or local wage laws. The Host Family and Au Pair are free to agree to a higher stipend than the legally applicable minimum. The weekly stipend is paid directly to the Au Pair.
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