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We have qualified English speaking exchange students that are available in winter, spring and summer! Participants are in the U.S. on a J-1 visa for up to four months. We can help you at the peak of your busy season. Work & Travel employers include amusement parks, ski resorts, retailers, restaurant and fast-food chains, hotels and many other companies.
CHI Work & Travel help you fill your seasonal and temporary job openings at no extra cost to you.

The Highlights

Experienced, Dependable Support

We have an amazing team of local field staff ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Our dedicated staff are experienced, caring and a pleasure to work with.

Global Diversity Within Your Company

By welcoming a CHI Work & Travel participant you are changing the life of an international exchange student in a truly unique way. Participants become global citizens and are given the chance of a lifetime to learn about American culture and business. The Work & Travel program contributes to public diplomacy and to a more peaceful world.

Make a Difference Worldwide

The Work & Travel program offers exchange students the opportunity to experience work, life and culture in the U.S.These young adults develop professional and communication skills, English proficiency and experience teamwork.


Employers 1
  • Fill seasonal positions in advance
  • Thorough recruiting process from start to finish
  • Dedicated CHI customer service
  • Option to join CHI on an overseas hiring tour
  • Add diversity and a global perspective to your business


Work & Travel Program vs Hiring on Your Own

Work & Travel
on Your Own
Plan hiring ahead of time, long before your busy season begins
Participants can work a full season and won’t have to leave before your busy season ends
CHI prescreens and interviews employees for you
Local staff provided to help when needs arise
Add cultural diversity to your business

How the Program Works

Contact one of our customer care specialists
Fill out our employer questionnaire with support from one of our Regional Managers (RMs)
Interview applicants
Prepare for participants’ arrival
Enjoy the valuable help of international participants for up to four months
Is your business ready to benefit from the Work & Travel program?

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