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Study Abroad in Spain

American high school exchange student Waverly Seale, from Portland, Oregon spent an amazing semester living and attending school in Spain.  Waverly shares her experience.
Study Abroad in Spain 1

I have had the amazing opportunity to live in the south of Spain for the second half of my sophomore year. I feel so lucky that I have been welcomed into another home on the other side of the world. My host family has taken me in and given me so much love; long walks, eating meals, going out and exploring with them has been so amazing in so many different ways. I am able to expand my Spanish speaking skills while also learning so much about Spain and the culture. Traveling is another thing I have really enjoyed while being here as well; I’ve gotten to go to many different cities near and far including Valencia, Madrid, and Cadiz. At school, I have made so many friends who show me the city I live in and take me to all their favorite places they hang out. Through all of this have learned so many valuable lessons, from small to big.

I wanted to study abroad to learn about a different country that I didn’t know much about, expand my language abilities. Even after a few months, I’ve gotten that and so much more; I’ve learned things about myself and my identity as well as the culture of Spain. I remember when I was still deciding to go or not, what mainly scared me was being away from home for so long, but now I feel that same way about my home in Spain. One of the biggest highlights from my trip is being able to go to Madrid and Valencia. I got to explore and learn about the cities with my friends and create new friendships as well. But in general, coming to Spain has been one of the best experiences in my life, and I’m so lucky I get to cherish the experience for the rest of my life.

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