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“The most fulfilling and memorable experience of a lifetime!”

"The most fulfilling and memorable experience of a lifetime!" 1

George Pascoulis, from London, has been an Intern at Holiday Home Camp in Williams Bay, Wisconsin for the last seven months.  George has had what he describes as “the most fulfilling and memorable experience of a lifetime.”  Find out why!

My name is George Pascoulis and I’ve spent the last seven months interning at Holiday Home Camp (HHC), a non-profit organization that has been providing fresh air experiences for underprivileged youth from the inner-cities for 131 years. HHC is located on the shores of Geneva Lake in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. I’m 22 years old and from London, England. If you’ve ever been to Wisconsin and London, you’ll understand the vast differences between the two locations – I couldn’t be happier about this.

I graduated with a bachelor’s in Sport & Exercise Science in 2017 and was fortunate enough to spend 3 of my summers at HHC while at university. I spent my first two summers as a cabin counselor and my third summer as the staff & behavior director. Summer camp is something that is difficult to describe if you haven’t experienced it, but to put it simply, it is the most fulfilling and memorable experience of a lifetime. That is the reason why I was so thrilled to be presented the opportunity by my amazing supervisors at HHC for 18 months following my third year! This was another opportunity for me to understand the workings of a non-profit organization, continue to build some great relationships, and also be a part of a company whose mission I fully support.

One of my favorite things about HHC is the variety of people you interact with on a daily basis. We turn no child away from receiving the support we provide here regardless of their background and this allows us to create a judgment-free, personality-filled and positive environment that really allows the kids to be themselves – something that a lot of them lack at home. It’s the personalities of the kids that really inspire me every day and I can honestly say that not a day goes by when I can’t recall something memorable a child has said to me.

I leave you with this gem that was delivered by a 9-year-oldcamper – “There is no such things as bad days, only bad moments.”

George Pascoulis

"The most fulfilling and memorable experience of a lifetime!" 2

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