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“My Unforgettable Exchange Experience in the U.S.”

CHI Chinese exchange student shares “My Unforgettable Exchange Experience in the U.S.”:

Time flies, and I have already spent a month in the U.S. When looking back, I can still remember feeling exciting, expecting, and nervous when the plane landed.

Life and experience in the U.S. were very different from China, and the big contrast inspired me to learn and to understand. In one word, everything is awesome.

As a volunteer, I helped in the summer camp which is called The Family Development Center. There were various kinds of activities arranged for children, and we worked to help them. When children went to the cinema, we helped to manage the team.  There was a Christmas Day on August 3rd. I really realized the true meaning of Christmas which was a blessing. The kind people bring gifts to the children, and they award some children for their great performance and contribution, which most impressed me was the whole process.

As a chemistry major student, I hoped to introduce the students to something I have learned. Luckily, on August 4th I showed two experiments by using simple tools in our life to the children. Obviously, it was a big success, everyone was inspired by the experiment, and I am sure they were attracted by the charm of science. Besides, I helped in the store which called “The Give” to help kids with cancer. I do believe it was a meaningful work. At the same time, I also experienced bowling and visited a college in Florida.

Apart from the volunteer work, I really want to thank my host family. Living in an unfamiliar country, they make me feel at home. It is my honor to live with them and spend the whole month together. I talked with them about American culture, lifestyle, and I gradually understood the difference. We went to the beach to enjoy ourselves and we went to the Flagler Museum, appreciating the ancient American’s life. What a amazing experience. Of course, I ate American food every day. That’s delicious!

I learned so much about American and education. I believe, it is an unforgettable, meaningful time in my whole life.

Unforgettable Exchange Experience

Unforgettable Exchange Experience

Unforgettable Exchange Experience

Unforgettable Exchange Experience

Unforgettable Exchange Experience

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