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Category: Work Experience Programs

Work Experience Programs

International Interns Bring Unique Views to Montana Family Ranch

Since 2011, the Cobb Charolais Ranch in Montana has successfully hosted CHI exchange visitors as agricultural interns. Their first intern, Jack Mothiba from South Africa, set the bar pretty high for all subsequent participants. The interns’ supervisor, Sarah Howe-Cobb, goes

Work Experience Programs

CAA | Hope is Hope

At the beginning of the year, CHI announced its fourth annual Cultural Ambassador Award Forum, planned for August 2020. A lot has changed since our announcement and despite our hopes and aspirations. As of right now, the future of this project remains uncertain for many reasons related to the COVID-19 situation in the world.

Work Experience Programs

Work travel Participant Returns home with new Hopes and Goals

Georgina Musolino spent the winter experiencing what it’s like to live and work in Boston, Massachusetts. As a participant in CHI’s Work and Travel program, she was able to get real-world job skills while discovering life in the U.S.

Work Experience Programs

One Winter in New Hampshire

It wasn’t really cold in New Hampshire, at least not during the days I stayed in Dover. The town hall was nearby, hidden in the white light. This quiet town seemed to have been lost and still stood out from the shining. In front of the Greek church, the snow-covered pine-trees were only pitch-black, and the yellow leaves that had not yet fallen were the first lamps of the night.

Work Experience Programs

Work and Travel Brings Argentina to Iowa

Belen Vazquez and Ariadna Aranda, from Argentina, have embraced their time in the US as participants in CHI’s Work and Travel program. Upon arrival, they immediately set out to explore their host community of Des Moines, Iowa. They toured the city, visited the capitol building, and attended some local sporting events. It was a great start, but the friends still wanted to do more.

Work Experience Programs

#Throwback to CAA Forums

In 2020 CHI is proud to host the fourth annual CAA Forum. More than 50 Cultural Ambassadors have had a chance to visit Washington D.C. representing their countries from all around the world. Let’s look back and see what happened during the last three years.

Work Experience Programs

My Amazing Journey to China

Travel makes you stronger, more tolerant of others, and a much more resilient person in general. It turns out that getting to China would take time and patience, more than I ever needed before.

Travel Abroad

10 things: USA vs the world | The Balkans

On a recent trip to Bulgaria and Montenegro, Kelly noticed some interesting cultural differences between the US and the countries she visited. Here is what she observed.

Work Experience Programs

Cultural Exchange at St. Louis Radio Station

“The young people who are a part of this program are the cream of the crop from their countries. I would highly recommend any business to give these young people an opportunity to show what they know.”

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